Novus Landscapes

Delaware Xeriscaping (Water Wise / Drough Tolerant Landscapes)

Have you ever had your entire yard look like it was set a fire in the middle of summer? Do you live near the beach where very few plants will grow due to the low water holding capacity of the sandy soil? Xeriscaping, also known as drought tolerant or water wise landscaping, is perfect for you!

In addition to basic drought tolerant plants, Novus Landscapes offers south western themed gardens. We source yuccas, agaves, cacti and other relatives which can survive Delaware's wet and cold winters. Due to limited availability of these plants, we might be forced to plant small. But don't worry, with a little fertilizer and/or organic material, these plants grow like weeds!

Advantages of Xeriscaping

  • No need for irrigation once established
  • The plants will look great in the middle of the most extreme heat waves
  • Less water use not only saves money but the environment

Did you know?

Delaware has both native yucca and cacti species, Yucca filamentosa and Opuntia humifusa!

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